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Step 1) Contact: Please contact us with inquiries about signing up with us by using our contact form which you can find by clicking on the Contact / Join us tab above, or by emailing or calling us. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have via email or phone.


Step 2) Intake: After initial information share and discussion, the next step is to fill out and submit our intake form which we will send you via email. After further examination and discussion, once a walking or visit schedule is determined for your pet, we plan a meet and greet between you, your pet, and our staff member who will be assigned to your pet. 


Step 3) Meet & Greet: Our staff member will visit you and your pet at your home. We like to have the meet & greets during our regular service hours so that our staff are already in the area and can swing by between their services. At the meet and greet, our staff member will be able to introduce themselves to you and your pet, get the lay of the land as in learning where walking gear or other items relevant to caring for your pet are kept, learn about any routine specifics that may have been left out during intake, and collect keys. Meet and greets are generally about 15 minutes long.*


Step 4) Start of service: After the meet and greet, we will send you our official welcome email which will contain instructions about your personal client account and the details of your pet's schedule. You will be asked to log in to your client account and put a credit card on file with us for billing. Upon first logging in to your client account, you will be required to sign off on our SPA (Service Policy Acknowledgement). Please note that the SPA simply explains our policies, it is in no way a contract of any kind. By signing/initialing it, you will have acknowledged that you are aware of our policies. 

*Please note that meet and greets are only scheduled with the understanding that we will be providing our services to you. We cannot schedule meet and greets as an interview of our staff. While we completely understand that you may want to meet several potential pet care providers before deciding who you’d like to hire (we really do get it, it makes sense), we cannot allocate our time and resources for interviews. You can find out why on our F.A.Q. page here.

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