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In order to keep our staff and the pets they look after safe and comfortable, we have a set of requirements in place. These requirements are an industry standard. Please take a moment to check them out. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!


Please note that all pets must reside with their owners or caretakers within our service area!


Requirements for dogs: Dog walks must be needed on 3 weekdays per week on an ongoing basis in order to sign up.* We may be able to accommodate lesser schedules based on location and time request. Dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations. Dogs must be able to walk with other dogs in a group (no more than 4) for at least 30 minutes. Dogs must be able to use stairs. Dogs must not pose a threat to our staff. Dogs with any aggression issues towards humans or other dogs will not be accepted. 


Requirements for puppies: Puppy visits must be needed on 3 weekdays per week on an ongoing basis in order to sign up.* Puppy owners must have the intention to have their puppy transition to group walks when they are old enough and cleared by their vet to do so. If you do not want your pup to transition to group walks, we will happily refer you to some of our favorite solo walking services!. 


Requirements for cats: Cat visits must occur at least once per day for the duration of the coverage period. Medical conditions of any kind must be disclosed during sign up/booking visits. Cats must not pose a threat to our staff. Cats that are aggressive towards humans will not be accepted.  


Requirements for other household pets: Other household pets such as rodents, lizards, birds, and other common pets are all accepted as long as they don’t pose a threat to our staff. Medical conditions of any kind must be disclosed. 


*Please note that we understand that circumstances arise which can cause changes to your pup’s schedule. Should your weekly visits or walks for your pup fall below 3 days per week, we will work with you to accommodate these changes, and we certainly won’t wrap up our services on a moment’s notice.


New clients are required to fill out and/or submit any necessary paperwork or documentation requested by BDW relevant to our ability to provide our services. This includes our Service Policy Acknowledgement (SPA), and/or any documentation related to the health of clients' pet(s). BDW will not share any of our clients’ personal information with non-office personnel or any external party.

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