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Our Team


Geoff Lewit

Owner, Founder, Manager

Geoff was born and raised in Park Slope. From an early age, he knew that he wanted to be involved with animals in a meaningful way. After college and spending time as a touring drummer and professional poker player, Geoff decided to create something that would allow him to make a living by doing what he enjoyed the most, spending time with animals, especially dogs. In 2011, he created Brownstone Dog Walkers and has worked with over 800 dogs, cats, and other pets since then. In 2015, Geoff met Abby when she inquired about becoming a dog walker. The two became a tight team, and in 2017, they got engaged. Now, they share their love for animals and each other while looking after the pets of Brooklyn! 


Abby Lewit

Owner, Lead Manager

Abby is an Arizona State graduate who moved to Brooklyn in July 2015 from Phoenix, Arizona, where she lived from 4th grade through her junior year of college. During her freshman year of college, she fell in love with caring for dogs and began building experience by working at doggy daycares and resorts, and spending time with rescues. While caring for rescue pups, the most adorable, fearful Cane Corso rescue got attached to Abby and convinced Abby to adopt her- the best decision Abby ever made! Abby wanted to mix things up and flee the desert. She ended up in New York, where she started walking dogs for Brownstone. Now, she assists on all thing Brownstone when needed, and focuses on contributing to Badass Brooklyn as a team member and foster mom! Her long term goal is a business of her own, working with animals every day. 


Teresa Galus

Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Teresa, commonly known as T, is an artist and professional puppy wrangler living in Brooklyn. She grew up in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY with her family and a few mythologically-named dogs. After receiving a degree in Computer Art and English Literature from SUNY Oneonta, she moved to New York City to pursue graphic design in 2010. She quickly discovered this was not the field for her. Thankfully, though, she learned of a job opening at a dog daycare in Manhattan and hasn't looked back. After her time there, she joined the Brownstone team to apply her years of experience and love of dogs to more personalized care, as well as dedicate more time to creating art. Teresa has designed the BDW holiday card and can be commissioned for pet portraits! 


Vanessa Turi

Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Vanessa Turi is a visual artist and filmmaker born and raised in Bergen County, NJ. She received her BFA from Parsons: The New School for Design in NYC in 2013. Since then she's continued her practice touching a plethora of different and unique artistic realms and moved to Bushwick. To support her practice she searched for a job that she can care for just as much as her art. She grew up with her best friend Siberian Husky Bella who passed away at 17 years in May 2016. Since then she's been looking outward for a job that caters to her love for animals especially cats and dogs. Then Brownstone came along and swept her away. As a child she's always wanted to be a veterinarian but cannot fathom the death of animals. Dog walking and taking care of animals who love unconditionally answers to her interests in furry creatures and melts her heart. 

Backup Team


Ella Cerdas

Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Ella has been around animals all her life. Born in Costa Rica, Ella played with her grandma and aunt's two Rottweilers, parrots, and cat. She moved to the states when she was 10 and since then has become and avid and passionate animal activist, particularly when it comes to Wolf preservation and animal abuse laws. Ella is studying acting at the Stella Adler studio in Manhattan. She now lives in Ridgewood with her cat. 

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