Our Team
Geoffrey Lewit - Owner
Geoff was born and raised in Park Slope. From an early age, he knew that he wanted to be involved with animals in a meaningful way. After college and spending time as a touring drummer and professional poker player, Geoff decided to create something that would allow him to make a living by doing what he enjoyed the most, spending time with animals. In 2011, he created Brownstone Dog Walkers and has worked with over 700 dogs, cats, and other pets since then. In 2015, Geoff met Abby when she inquired about becoming a dog walker. The two became a tight team, and in 2017, they got engaged. Now, they share their love for animals and each other while looking after the pets of Brooklyn! 
Abby Jensen - Owner
Abby is an Arizona State graduate who moved to Brooklyn in July 2015 from Phoenix, Arizona, where she lived from 4th grade through her junior year of college. During her freshman year of college, she fell in love with caring for dogs and began building experience by working at doggy daycares and resorts, and spending time with rescues. While caring for rescue pups, the most adorable, fearful Cane Corso rescue got attached to Abby and convinced Abby to adopt her- the best decision Abby ever made! Abby wanted to mix things up and flee the desert. She ended up in New York, where she started walking dogs for Brownstone, and now manages the day to day operations for Brownstone. Her long term goal is a business of her own, working with animals every day. 
Vanessa Turi - Walker
Vanessa Turi is a visual artist and filmmaker born and raised in Bergen County, NJ. She received her BFA from Parsons: The New School for Design in NYC in 2013. Since then she's continued her practice touching a plethora of different and unique artistic realms and moved to Bushwick. To support her practice she searched for a job that she can care for just as much as her art. She grew up with her best friend Siberian Husky Bella who passed away at 17 years in May 2016. Since then she's been looking outward for a job that caters to her love for animals especially cats and dogs. Then Brownstone came along and swept her away. As a child she's always wanted to be a veterinarian but cannot fathom the death of animals. Dog walking and taking care of animals who love unconditionally answers to her interests in furry creatures and melts her heart. 
Teresa Galus - Walker
Teresa, commonly known as T, is an artist and professional puppy wrangler living in Brooklyn. She grew up in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY with her family and a few mythologically-named dogs. After receiving a degree in Computer Art and English Literature from SUNY Oneonta, she moved to New York City to pursue graphic design in 2010. She quickly discovered this was not the field for her. Thankfully, though, she learned of a job opening at a dog daycare in Manhattan and hasn't looked back. After her time there, she joined the Brownstone team to apply her years of experience and love of dogs to more personalized care, as well as dedicate more time to creating art.
Ty Choi - Walker
After years of being a desk jockey, Ty got tired of the rat race. She found herself spending more time in the office than outside, so she quit. She also realized that she might prefer dogs to people 92% of the time. As a dog lover living in a non-dog friendly building, she had to nurture her love of dogs by walking and tending to her friends’ dogs until she discovered Brownstone Dog Walkers. Because what can be better than to spend time with even more dogs! (By the way, she thinks cats are okay, too.)
Lauren Neidenberg - Walker
Lauren was raised in a small town called Ellsinore, Missouri. She grew up in the country with animals around her since she was born. She graduated form East Carter High School, then moved to Arizona to study Audio Engineering. Afterwards, she decided to move to New York for an internship in the music industry where she interned for a while and then decided a job with dogs sounded much better! She has a dog named Zoey, who is almost 12 years old, but lives back with the family in Missouri, which inspired her to want a job with dogs. She is constantly listening to or playing music, or watching new shows while thinking about her goal to make a record one day and get a dog of her own!
Sara Cole - Walker
Sara was born and raised in West Chester county. At a young age she realized her passion for animals and pursued a career as a pet sitter and continued her passion at a dog boarding facility. She moved to Brooklyn to attend school at the Make Up Designory but soon realized after graduating how much she missed working with animals. When she found out about Brownstone Dog Walkers, she instantly fell in love with the passion and dedication that the staff had and jumped at the opportunity to become part of the family. She hasn’t looked back since and her love for taking care of animals grows more and more every day! 
Angelica Acosta - Walker
Angelica is a 21 year old Brooklyn resident and native. She's always had a deep love for animals starting from a very young age and knew she'd eventually be in a job field that would be involved with pets. Currently, Angelica has a 3 year old golden retriever and a 9 year old Lhasa Apso and previously owned 4 huskies when she lived with her aunt and uncle in Virginia for a year. Now, her dream is being a singer-songwriter and doing small gigs around NYC. 
Joely Ayala - Walker
Joely grew up on a little farm in Puerto Rico. She had pets all of her life and has always enjoyed taking care of animals. She made her way to NYC in 2006 and currently lives with her two cats. Joely would love to have a dog, but her building doesn’t allow it, so the decision to become a dog walker was an easy one. And perfect timing while Joely takes a break from school for neurosurgery.
Grant Richards - Walker
                          Bio Coming Soon! 
Emily Schell - Walker
Emily was born and raised in the itty bitty, first state of Delaware. From a young age she had a passion for animals; thus, was either found training her Labrador agility or horseback riding at the local park. After studying Fine Art and Psychology in upstate NY, Emily worked on a therapeutic farm and dabbled in the culinary arts for several years. Recently, she went on an extensive road trip with her boyfriend. They wound up in Brooklyn where Emily decided to pursue dog walking since it was a job she always picked up (and loved) wherever she lived. Brownstone welcomed her with open arms and she is happy to be part of the family! Currently, Emily does not have any pets, but enjoys the snuggles and sniffs of her roomate Frances, a pitbull.
Robin Harris - Walker
Robin grew up with mostly cats and her one dog Coco for pretty much her entire childhood. She was sad to leave her pets behind when she first moved to NYC to go to film school, but luckily home wasn’t far away in CT, so she could go and visit them and give them all the love they deserved. She missed being around animals all the time though. Weekend visits wouldn’t cut it, so she quit her food service jobs and came over to us! She now waits for the day to be able to adopt her own little furry friend.                          
Kiki Ransom - Walker
                          Bio Coming Soon! 
Alexys Forrest - Walker
Alexys is a New York Native from Queens, now living in bushwick. She has 2 pets an adorable mischievous kitty and a big fun loving dog. Her passion is animals and performing.  By night she is a performer, song writer, and visual artist. She started this job so she could follow all of her passions simultaneously. She loves exploring new places, the outdoors, and meeting new furry friends. 
Bill Bader - Walker
                                Bio Coming Soon!
Tess Miller - Walker
                          Bio Coming Soon! 
Carlos Cabeza - Walker
                          Bio Coming Soon! 

Heather Marvin - Walker


Heather is a born and bred New Yorker hailing from the outer borough of Queens. Mom was a Bronx baby, and Dad was a Brooklyn baby, so her attachment to and love of the city runs as deep as her love of animals! A pet owner all her life, she's the proud owner of two cats, Merlin and Nova, though she hopes to one day introduce them to a puppy companion. Outside of her passion for animals, music and art are also active motivations for her. She manages, sings, and plays bass in the local NYC band, Crowd the Airwaves, teaches voice lessons to other local musicians after 10+ years of opera training, is a model for photographers and fine artists, and has done vocal session work all over the United States. Brownstone Dog Walkers has allowed her to chase all these interests, and she looks forward to giving your dogs the TLC every doggo needs!

Rachel Frances - Walker
                          Bio Coming Soon! 
Backup Staff
Ella Cerdas - Backup Walker
Ella Cerdas has been around animals all her life. Born in Costa Rica, she grew up playing with her grandma and aunt's two Rottweilers, parrots and cat. She moved to the States when she was ten, and since then has become an avid and passionate animal activist, especially fighting for Wolf Rights and anti animal abuse laws. Ella is studying acting at the Stella Adler Studio in Manhattan. She now lives in Ridgewood with her cat.
Tanisha Wright - Backup Walker
Tanisha is a Costa Rican-American writer, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She likes to consider herself the oddball in her immediate family since she's the only one USA born. To further prove she’s the oddball,  she’s the only one that has an interest and love for animals. Although her family wouldn’t let her get a dog or a cat, she got the next best thing: turtles (named Tarzan & Tiger). Tanisha has two passions: animals and writing. Even though she completed four years of college, gained a degree in creative writing, and even successfully published her first book, she still felt like something was missing. That’s when she found Brownstone Dog Walkers, where in the day she can spend time with and care for animals. At night, she focuses on her writing to chase her dreams of becoming a successful novelist. It’s truly the best of both worlds; all that's left is to get her own dog!
Asiza Flores - Walker (On Hiatus)
Asiza has lived with cats her whole life or at least since she can remember. It wasn’t until the summer before her freshmen year of high school when she bonded with an ex Marine named Gunner that she got her first pup. They even shared the same birthday! She moved to New York in 2014 to study and live the life that all small town kids want having to leave her loving pup behind with her parents to care for until she could send for him. When her pup passed in 2016, she just knew she had to find work with animals. Since her roommates still don’t see the pros in getting a pup, she now lives with a baby corn snake named Cheese and a Maine coon named Krypto. And after a few months working on her own she found Brownstone! Now every walk makes her feel a little closer to her old friend. 
Havika Joseph - Summer time Walker (On Hiatus)

Havika was born in Brooklyn, but moved to Long Island at age 6. Now having returned to Brooklyn, she's attending school. Havika is a bio major with aspirations of being a veterinarian. She joined Brownstone Dog Walkers to gain more experience with animals and to steal some cuddles. Havika admits she's not really a people person but has found a great love for animals. Her family aren’t animal lovers, so Havika doesn’t own her own pet, but plans to rectify that in the future. For now, giving hugs and kisses to our furry friends at Brownstone Dog Walkers is enough till Havika can adopt her own best friend!

Kate Zibas - Walker
                          Bio Coming Soon! 

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